Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Mercury Charlie's T. Nice, but not precious. The ultimate driver.
Lately, I've been thinking more about the T and how I will eventually build it. As I continue to acquire rare, traditional and period-correct parts for the '29, I"m realizing that I'm going to have a lot of parts leftover that I'm not using because they're A. used B. non-period correct, or C not aesthetically pleasing.
I going to use all those parts for the T. For instance, the slightly surface rusted Zoomie style exhaust will be wrapped in header tape to hide the imperfections. And the clunky ass steering box that was in the roadster and its crude steering column that came attached to it in the roadster? I'll be using that, too. The junkyard 12-bolt I yanked out of a 66 Riviera? Good enough. What I'm beginning to realize is this. Life's too short to be all precious about building a perfect car. At least not two in a row. My goal for the T coupe is simple. A clean body in suede paint. Dark eggplant in color is where I'm still leaning. The engine will be the 425 nailhead that came originally in my roadster with its Turbo 400. I want to sound deaden the living shit out of the car's interior and make sure the doors and windows seal a well as possible. Same goes for the roof. I want it to feel rock solid without tons of rattles. And I want it to have air conditioning, a hidden stereo and comfortable seats. Simply put, I want a real world driver that can go anywhere in all types of weather and be surprisingly comfy in the process. Not a rat. But definitely not a queen.