Thursday, December 25, 2014


I've just compiled a thought dump and am getting ready to send it to automotive illustrator Jimmy Smith, who is going to help Mercury Charlie and I arrive at the look for my T. I'm sure looking forward to seeing where he takes it in sketches. The references are gothic, inspired by the Munster's
and Mercury Charlie's old tall T. I've suggested colors of suede and given a lot of thought starters.
As a sneak peak, here is the steering wheel I'm planning on running and the taillights. They both came from the same car. Can anyone guess?

These one-year-only tail lights and the deep-pitched steering wheel below came from a
1962  Oldsmobile Starfire. I' planning on using both in the T to build on an early sixties theme.

I'd like to create a center console using the 1962 Olds Starfire as reference.
Clearly, the 4-speed shifter gate will need some fabrication

Saturday, November 22, 2014


Well, the first batch of parts have arrived from Pete and Jakes, everything is unpacked, inspected and beyond a nick here or a small scuff there, everything arrived looking great. Here are a few shots. We'll be putting the front end together first and then it's onto the floors. Hoorah!

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Mercury Charlie with my T. If a car could have a Godfather, this would be him.
Great news. The T build is back on, and my '29 roadster is on hold. I know, it's crazy to build two cars at the same time. It's for that reason that I parked the T and swore off of it until my Model A roaster is road worthy. Well, in a strange turn of events, the '29 is now on hold and a great opportunity recently revealed itself. My friend, Mercury Charlie, is opening a new shop and until such time that a high-ticket build walks into his shop, he's agreed to work on my T and let me assist. In the spirit of striking while the iron is hot, I invited Charlie out to the T's secret bunker to re-familiarize him with a car which only he last laid hands since its humble beginnings a couple of years ago. To date, Charlie has constructed one of his Zee frames for it, installed a John's Industries 9" reared with 3.50 gears, installed its rear suspension and made major progress on the floors and the firewall. In the spirit of getting the ball rolling, Charlie and I walked around the car last week and put together the following parts list. 

Parts list for the T Build 11.8.14

Front, end -- brakes, hubs, backing plates, king pins, drop axle, shocks, king pins, etc.
Drop Axle -- 5" I-Beam Drop Axle
Steering Box – Vega 
Grill Shell and Insert
 Custom Radiator – A second radiator that adds cooling capacity for stop-and-go driving.
Steering Column --
Wiring Harness -- Kwikwire
Brake lights TBD—Speedway 46 Fords
Seats (fabricated)
Induction and carbs
Exhaust Custom
Headlight Stands -- Speedway

To get the ball rolling, I ordered a complete front end through Pete & Jakes including a SoCal disc brake front end with faux Buick brake drums, a Magnum 5" drop axle, chrome bat wings and kingpins, as well as a new Vega steering box. Ouch. Quality parts ain't cheap.

As the parts begin to roll in, I just have to wait patiently until a stall opens at Charlie's shop and get the car over there,  so that we can set-up the front end and finish the floors. 
We've got some custom plans up our sleeves, but have agreed to focus on making the car a roller and a driver, before we worry about mods. 

I'll start adding more pics and details as the build starts.