Thursday, December 25, 2014


I've just compiled a thought dump and am getting ready to send it to automotive illustrator Jimmy Smith, who is going to help Mercury Charlie and I arrive at the look for my T. I'm sure looking forward to seeing where he takes it in sketches. The references are gothic, inspired by the Munster's
and Mercury Charlie's old tall T. I've suggested colors of suede and given a lot of thought starters.
As a sneak peak, here is the steering wheel I'm planning on running and the taillights. They both came from the same car. Can anyone guess?

These one-year-only tail lights and the deep-pitched steering wheel below came from a
1962  Oldsmobile Starfire. I' planning on using both in the T to build on an early sixties theme.

I'd like to create a center console using the 1962 Olds Starfire as reference.
Clearly, the 4-speed shifter gate will need some fabrication

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