Sunday, October 9, 2011


The longer it takes, the more time the plan has to solidify. As winter approaches here in Denver, I'm realizing that an all-weather build would be a really neat idea. Not for driving in snow or rain mind you, but in comfort no matter what the temperature. So I'm reminded that one of the big differences between my '29 Model A roadster and my T Coupe is the opportunity to build it for all-weather car. A car with air conditioning and heat. Something well insulated and built solidly. Perhaps even equipped with a semi-quiet exhaust system and a decent stereo system for the sake of duscussion.
Imagine a car like this with AC and heat. Comfy. 
Building an all-weather car definitely influences the build from the get-go. Insulating the doors, the roof, even the floors will be key. Blocking heat from the firewall and of course, plumbing for AC and heat vents is important. Not to mention thinking through how to run an AC condenser in an open engine compartment.
These are all the issues that must be planned, thought through and worked out well before the build begins in earnest.

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