Saturday, March 3, 2012


We've been in a holding pattern socking away more build budget before Phase Two begins. As I prepare to purchase a new drop axle front end, thereby completing Phase One, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the overall concept.

The T will be named "Lily", after Lily Munster. The paint will be a dark Eggplant, shiny or suede:

The Interior will use a brocade for a somewhat gothic vibe.
I'd like to use a pistachio color to keep the interior from getting too dark. Perhaps the interior paint could pick up that color (dash, header panel, garnish moldings, etc.) and all upholstery materials (vinyl, leather, brocade, gauges, steering wheel etc.) could stay in the dark eggplant shade. 
I've messing with the idea of color-matching the gauges and steering wheel to the eggplant 
and picking up the pistachio as an accent color.

The rear wheels will be Cragar SS rims like below with whitewall cheater slicks.
Front would be chrome reverse wheels. I'd like to use the pistachio color as an accent color on firewall,engine block, and pin striping. The below engine color is too blue, but you get the idea.

My nailhead engine will have either multiple carbs or a single four barrel with
 a drag boat style scoop like the one pictured above and finned valve covers like the ones pictured below. I'm strongly considering the pistachio green for the engine block's color. 
I've got a pair of zoomie headers that I will likely wrap in header tape. 
The grill shell will be a chopped 32 shell.
I'll probably want to figure out something kinda different for the grill itself. 

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