Sunday, August 5, 2012


Drove one of these yesterday just for shits and grins. Underpowered, but fun, and 37 MPG. As I was at the dealership, I checked out the available colors and came across this one. As close to what I envision for the color of the T as anything I've seen on a modern car. No, I won't likely be buying a Scion IQ. But I'm not above stealing the paint color. It's 2012 Scion IQ Deep Amethyst Metallic Clearcoat (9AH).

Another great color, as seen on this Mercury Cougar is Ford's 
1996-1998 Thistle Metallic from PPG:
Ford's Thistle metalic by PPG

One a side note, I purchased this vintage Buick horn button for Lily. I've got a wheel coming.

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