Sunday, November 29, 2009


My older son, Cameron, who could frankly give a rat's ass (IMHO) about the car projects in our garage walks up to the T and sees a group of color chips sitting in the car. He goes right to one of them and starts into an impassioned speech about how badass the color is. It's called Washington Square and basically it's a dark purple, bordering on eggplant. The chips are semi-gloss so it's a fair representation of suede. Now I must confess that given my well-documented love of Mercury Charlie's Tall T, going with this color would not require a lot of arm twisting. It would be like paying tribute to the inspiration, even though Charlie's car was technically  black with a cool set of purple Von Franco flames with lavendar pinstriping. My son then started lobbying for a pearl white interior. Wow. Maybe there's a gearhead trapped beneath all that teen angst after all. Time will tell. Washington Square. It's on the list. Close to the top. Interesting.

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