Thursday, November 12, 2009

Color thoughts

I want this car to have a suede paint job.  I personally think T's look best in dark colors, so I'm leaning towards a super dark red. I've been seeing deep reds, black cherries and maroons that I'm digging.
Jeep, Lexus, and Mazda all currently have these colors. It seems like a two stage paint with a flattened clear is a good way to go as it offers a protective barrier for the metal.
I believe the Mazdas are a mica which has a lot of metal flake in it. I'm also looking at real dark egg plants/plums. I'm thinking that a dark red exterior would look good with a red interior and I'm really liking the idea of incorportating red glitter vinyl into the interior.
It might be even be cool to go metalflake red on the roof for contrast and perhaps some tasty metal flake scallops on the body as well. Red or maroon would be a good color for the nailhead as well.
Time will tell.

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