Wednesday, November 11, 2009


With the body stowed safely in ye old HouseOSpeed man cave, it was time to take inventory. Yup, it's a real nice body and includes all windows, garnish moldings, a dash, a new wood kit for the roof and yes, even the stock seats. I'll snap shots of those at some point. In negotiating the price, I agreed to leave the drivetrain and frame with Marshall. The plan for the car is to leave the roof at stock height, but to channel the body over a custom frame to ride nice and low in period sixties style (cue the Munster's music). I'll be using all the goodies left over from my crashed roadster, such as a 68 Buick 12-bolt rear from a Riviera, the Schneider-cammed Buick 425 Nailhead and a burly Turbo 4oo tranny. As you can see here, I couldn't resist doing a little mock up. Boys will be boys.

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