Thursday, November 17, 2011


Here's a little something you don't see every day. A mid sixties Gauge with only 18 miles on it. 
And not just any gauge mind you, but a Buick Riviera gauge. I couldn't help myself. I bought it. Off eBay. Paid a hair under $200 with shipping.
 Now maybe that seems like a lot of money. Hell, it is a lot of money. But what a great centerpiece for a Tall T with a 425 Nailhead engine. Here's to keeping it in the family. 

Outer chrome bezel is 6" at widest outer edge
Mesurement of Speedo's interior Face 4&3/4"
Silver center section is 2&3/4"
Arm is sliver over silver section of speedo and bright orange/red over black outer section.

These look like they might be a nice match to the Buick Speedo.

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