Sunday, November 27, 2011


This info was pulled right from the net: 1970 Cadillac Chateau Mauve material repurposed for a 
'59 Caddy. Can you say badass? Can you imagine using a material like this on the interior of a T inspired by the Munsters?great colors.

Bold yes, but as you can see it works! As outrageous as you might think it is, it’s a factory ORIGINAL color on Cadillacs in 1970. This NOS fabric color is: Chateau Mauve.  For the men reading this, that’s a nutty mouthful to say purple. Todd explained when they initially laid out the fabric they’d bought it looked like a bad, “cheerleader’s outfit.” Maybe, but they stuck with it. Hats off to the designer with the guts to choose these great colors.

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