Sunday, November 13, 2011


Mike Waechter
Customs, Castings, & Composites

Location: Friendship, IN   Price: $600   
Enclosed is an ad I just came across on HAMB from "Hammerndollie":

For sale here is an amazing Airride set-up for your straight axle hot rod. This unti directly replaces your existing Front cross member and traverse spring with dual cantilever action air spring. This can be adapted to be used on the rear. 
IF you are running a Ford style axle with traverse spring. It might be time to start thinking about Air Ride. With this set-up mounted in a "suicide" fashion will give you up to 6" of travel! But can also be mounted "spring-over" and gain 4" of travel. Not only will the Acme Air Ride give you that TOO-low look, but also offers a ride quality incomparable to a traditional traverse spring. 
The cross member measures approximately 24" X 6.375" at the widest points (extended cross members available for $25 more)
The Air-spring is set up to directly replace 31" springs using your existing shackles!
Utilizes 2400# series airbags available from any air bar supplier (bags not included)
I have offered these in limited runs before with rave reviews. Now is your chance to see what you've been missing!!!

$600+ shipping!

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