Monday, November 14, 2011


Instead of having the double Z’ed MC frame run a traverse spring rear and a traditional drop axle, I’m considering the possibility of running air bags.

I know, I know.  It’s not exactly traditional, so why do it? The appeal is to have a really, really low Tall T.  To me the lower the Tall T is, the better it’ll look. And if I’m going to have a custom frame built, why not take advantage of that by doing something really custom. The set-up I’m looking at is from Mike Waechter, owner of Customs, Castings and Composites in Friendship, Indiana. His number is 812 212-5845. It consists of a custom front and rear cross member. Bags are not included.
After talking to Mike, he mentioned that he built his T with the tanks incorporated into the frame rails, which saves space and really takes advantage of a custom frame nicely. Plus, he was able to downplay the bags to a great extent, by designing a pretty traditional looking untraditional set-up. The lowest Tall T around. I can dig it.
Since I haven’t pulled the trigger on purchasing the parts just yet, now would be the time to decide. To that end, I’m going to discuss this option with Charlie and ask him to discuss it with Mike @ Customs, Castings and Composites.  More on that later.

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