Sunday, November 27, 2011


Picture a similar treatment with red or maroon accenting a metallic gray block.
One of our custom knobs, using a piece of jewelry we found at an estate sale.
I'm thinking of keeping this one for the T. 
This suede beauty was painted by Jeff Meyers. 
This a a good example of what a metal flake roof would look like with a suede body.
Here's a purple T with a severe chop. I'll go much darker on the color if I go purple
and no haircut for me, thanks. Mine's going to be a lowboy, but unchopped.

Button tufts are more seventies than sixties, but I like. 

Red is a pretty damn cool engine color. PArticularly dig the red carb bodies. 

This is the interior of Ryan Cochran's car. Tasty. 

Another color reference. See how nicely the red of the wheels and tail lights pop? 

Another classy use of a fifties type material, this one in a '59 El Camino by Fat Lucky's.

Another option that would work well with the glitter roof would be to incorporate it into the seating.
Note to self: A little goes a long way. 

Nice but even darker would really do it for me as far as the paint color for the body. 

Another cool reference for a knob would be an ornate door knob. This is also one of ours. 
Now this is the level of darkness I like 

This is a nice color, balancing somewhere between maroon and purple.  This is where I'm currently leaning. 

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