Saturday, November 19, 2011


Okay, so I've settled on a name for the T. It's going to be "Lurch". Why Lurch? Because it's an acknowlegment of what the car's build will be influenced by. Which for the record, is Mercury Charlie's old T, the Munster's and the Addam's Family and the 60's show cars. "Lurch" seems fitting. Now, lest you think I'm going to get too carried away, I assure you that a few carefully chosen tips of the hat to the Munster's Car is all it will take. Basically, we're talking about 60's show cars, George Barris and goth. Darks colors, crushed velvets, etc. Subtle funeral-esque touches without being totally creepy. 
Below are a few pictures and other reference points I'd like to pull from:

Dig the Keystone five-spokes. I'm toying with the notion of Cragar SS wheels on the rear of Lurch,
and perhaps reverse chromes on front. A little more "show car" versus classic and traditional.

To me, Charlie's old T was the epitome of cool. Note the white walls and chrome reverse rims, the suede paint and wicked purple and pinstriped flames by Von Franco. 

The Uncertain-T is another influence. Dig the vinyl roof and the engine/intake.  I know I do.

Here's the canvas I'm building from. You gotta start somewhere, right?

I've love this wagon's attitude. The metallic roof, the suede black paint, the chop,
the Radir wheels and whitewall tires. Very cool and goth.

Note the aggressive rake. Badass. 

Here's the type of paint and color I'm leaning towards. Wicked.

Dan Stoner's T was vertically sectioned by Tim Conder.
Another heavy influence. 

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